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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not Anti-Gay Enough.

You know you must be in Florida if your opponent charges your anti-gay platform with being not anti-gay enough.

In a sick game of who's the better Nazi, Florida gubenatorial candidates, Tom Gallagher and Charlie Crist are in a battle over which of the Republican candidates is the true "true conservative."

Both candidates are anti-gay of course, but one Crist, while absolutely wanting to ban gay marriage, is ok with civil unions or some other form of legal arrangement. Gallagher on the other hand is not only opposed to gay marriage, but civil unions or any other arrangement.

I guess you win, Tom!

This is about the dumbest campaign fight I've ever seen, but I would expect no less from the state where brains go to die. The state that brought you Jeb Bush, Kathryn Harris and the Coral Ridge hour has seen no shortage of idiocy in it's long career.

What really interests me is that in a state filled with dangerous hurricanes, economic challenges, immigration issues along with the usual suspects of taxes, crime, education and fraud against the elderly - the TOP issue is which candidate REALLY hates homosexuals.

Not only does this tell me that the Republicans in this state are devoid of substance, but if this actually works and hate is the #1 top issue that people are voting on then I have very little hope for the future since it would indicate that we really are a nation of reactionary and easily manipulated sheep that are about two steps away from the slaughterhouse.

Lambchop anyone?


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