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Monday, August 28, 2006

A New Idea For Anglican Homosexuals.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has come up with a new solution for homosexuals to help stem the divisive split going on within the Church of England. His solution:


Well now that that's settled, we can all go to church together.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams has decided to pull a 180 on his flock in what former supporters are calling an '"astonishing" U-turn over the homosexual issue.'

You see, Williams used to a be a supporter of the consecration of Gay Bishops and was widely hailed when he was appointed to be the new Archbishop, but suddenly he has reversed his position.

I do believe conversion means conversion of habits, behaviours, ideas, emotions," he told a Dutch journalist.

"Ethics is not a matter of a set of abstract rules, it is a matter of living the mind of Christ. That applies to sexual ethics."

So in other words, STOP BEING GAY.

When asked to explain his previous position in light of his current one, the Archbishop said "That was when I was a professor, to stimulate debate,"

I see so for all that time he was merely playing devil's advocate.

Let's see, do we believe that?

In 1989, while professor of divinity at Oxford University, he founded the Institute for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality - a group that set out to combat bigotry towards homosexuals, this newspaper has learnt. At the time it was launched, he said: "The pressure that some church figures put upon people of differing sexual identities is a greater disgrace than anything else seen in the church."

I guess we don't.

It's pretty simple. Somebody "got" to him. This is a gigantically contentious issue within the church. It's also one that the anti-gay haters can't bear or afford to lose. If they do not come out victorious, then it will strengthen the idea that LGBT people are equally valid and have the same rights. This would be disastrous to a hate group. As a result they will do everything they can to "win." Even if that means "turning" the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I'll say it again, if you have to hold on so tight to your beliefs that they can withstand no opposition, then they are weak beliefs and shouldn't be supported by anyone.

**special thanks to PageOneQ for additional reporting and quotes.


  • I think you are right. He is either doing it for talks with Rome on unification or to keep more of his flock from becoming Catholic, as they do when women and gays take prominent positions in his church. The Africans are also making noise in this area. Sadly, if the church would distinguish between a homosexual orientation and relationships and pedastry it would be more in line with scripture and could attack the exploitation of non-gay youth in primitive cultures (where it is still a problem )and its own clergy (ditto).

    By Blogger Michael Bindner, at 9/02/2006 10:09:00 AM  

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