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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Full-Time Hate!

It's a pretty sad day when the head of an anti-gay hate group leaves to form another group because his original hate group wasn't hating enough.

That's the new deal for Peter LaBarbera, former director of the Illinois Family Institute. The new group called Americans for Truth whose sole full time job is going to be disabling and stopping the "homosexual activist agenda"

Jeez, Pete, quit harshing everyone's mellow.

We all now know what "homosexual activist agenda" means. It's the fight for basic human rights, civil rights and the right to live without being beaten or killed because you were born different.

Good God, we have to stop it. If Americans for Truth sounds like a Nazi name to you too, then I leave you to draw your own conclusions. I love the fact that this guy has just formed a group dedicated to the oppression and persecution of the LGBT community and everyone in it. How does this continue to go on without anyone seeing it?

How does it happen that we continue to condone hate groups brazenly perpetrating their message without any consequences. I guarantee if this guy started a group to fight the "Jewish Activist Agenda" or "African-American Activists Agenda" He probably wouldn't have even gotten press, and he certainly would come into the crosshairs of people who would shut him down.

I defy any Christian to call themselves such if they support this guy or anyone like him. If the first tenet of your religion is hate, you are the lowest and most despicable of all life forms and are worthy of nothing but contempt. I only wish there was a rapture coming to see the look on all of these people faces when they realize they aren't getting on that plane.

**photo courtesy of Todd Winters and Chicago Business


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